A New Hope Home

bitform.at is the new home for my technical ponderings, tips and resources. The previous one, thegoodbits.sulpy.com, became old and stale. It was hosted on GitHub pages and used Octopress for the static content generation, but other projects like Hugo have risen in popularity quickly and GitHub Pages had a few limitations, so I’m moving on. When I first deployed this blog. gh-pages, jekyll and octopress were fantastic tools to use to to get pretty innovative web deployments! »

Output Caching for the Internationally Aware

Output caching is highly recommended for high traffic sites. Microsoft offers output caching out of the box for MVC applications through the System.Web.Mvc namespace. With the OutputCache attribute class you can specify certain MVC actions on a controller to return cached outputs. This will greatly reduce server load and improve responstime for large scale applications. However, whole-section or whole-page output caching for a server-side dynamic site doesn’t meet everyone’s needs out of the box. »

How to Build a Resilient AWS EC2 Linux Instance Utilizing Nginx and Node.js (Part 2)

If you followed read my last post, you were walked through how to build a node-nginx EC2 instance on RHEL 6. I had initially started with Amazon Linux before writing that post, and then switch to Ubuntu 12.04 and finally to RHEL6.4 only after not having much, off-the-bat success with the first two. This post, I am going to tackle the same thing, but with Amazon Linux and work out the kinks. »

How to build a resilient AWS EC2 Linux instance utilizing nginx and node.js

I spent lots of time figuring out the best recipe for building out an Amazon EC2 instance that would support nginx as my http reverse proxy and node.js web app builder. These steps detail what I’ve found to be a “winning path.” I will start with the disclaimer that not only am I not a Linux power user, but I am also new to nginx. Hence the amount of time I spent working on different combinations. »