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David Sulpy

David Sulpy

AWS Certified Logo AWS Certification Badges: Developer - Associate, Solutions Architect - Associate, Solutions Architect - Professional

David Sulpy is a passionate, tech-forward startup founder, technologist and life-long learner. His passions include computer science, cybersecurity, software, cloud-scale, automation, data and the human brain. He holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science and in information systems and a master of science degree in information security with a focus on identity in trustless environments and cybersecurity. He also holds active certifications in security (CISSP License 464068) and cloud architecture.

Passionate about teaching, Sulpy has served as a professor of computer science at Lipscomb University and has helped advise and design graduate courses on security and undergraduate courses in mobile networks and wireless systems. His community involvement includes establishing and actively leading the Nashville AWS User Group and mentoring students. Sulpy is currently the founder and Chief Technology Officer for Initial State. As a passionate entrepreneur Sulpy has founded two venture-backed companies and two private-backed companies and has consulted and/or served as an advisor to eight venture-backed tech startups (four successful exits), a handful of Fortune 500s and two private-backed technology companies. He has expertise in leadership, technology monetization, software and development operations, product strategy, SaaS, cybersecurity, and blockchain across healthcare, IoT, mobile, financial and entertainment industries.

Please email for inquiries about content or for speaking engagements; topics include but not limited to: software, continuous cloud-scale delivery, blockchain, IoT pragmatism and security.