A New Hope Home

bitform.at is the new home for my technical ponderings, tips and resources. The previous one, thegoodbits.sulpy.com, became old and stale. It was hosted on GitHub pages and used Octopress for the static content generation, but other projects like Hugo have risen in popularity quickly and GitHub Pages had a few limitations, so I’m moving on.

When I first deployed this blog. gh-pages, jekyll and octopress were fantastic tools to use to to get pretty innovative web deployments! Now, however, I’ve decided to go a direction that is a little more advanced and provides me a good bit more flexability in the kind of content that I can push. So, here it is, a site powered by Hugo - written in golang - and hosted statically on S3 delivered through CloudFront.

I’ll be writing a detailed post on how the continuous delivery pipeline was built and is maintained.

Also, it’s a new name: bitform.at


David Sulpy

I am a computer scientist that loves to learn and build tech-forward enterprises. I grew up building hardware and software for fun and I've since turned it into a lifestyle. I am passionate about security, software development, scalable architecture, automation, and brain sciences. I have an undergraduate degree in computer science and a graduate degree in information security.

Nashville, TN https://bitform.at/